The WheelWrights of Bridgewater, Connecticut

John Sturdevant IV(John JR) & his son
John Sanford Sturdevant (John V)

Jsturdevant wheel -Jonathon Clark

This section is devoted to my great_great and great_great_great_grandfathers John Sanford and John Sturdevant Jr. the wheelwrights of Bridgewater, Litchfield County, CT. They are the creators of the signature J Sturdevant and John Sturdevant spinning wheels. A beautiful example of which is shown here.

While the line of John Sturdevants, descendants of John Sturdevant I, b. 1676 Norwalk Ct is not continuous, I am the current one. My name is John Stephan Sturdevant and creator of this site. I hope this site to be the source of accurate information about these 2 men and filled with images from the life and death of these 2 craftsmen of Early Americana.

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2001 view of property of John Sanford Sturdevant, showing original house and shop with stone foundation that housed the horse turning the lathe

The image on the right shows the property that once belonged to John Sanford Sturdevant. Barely visible behind the trees is the original house and the separate shop where he built his wheels. The stone foundation below this shop is where the lathe gears were housed. The gears were turned with horsepower. Literally! A horse walked around in a circle here turning the gears that turned the lathe in the shop above.

History of the two men

John Sturdevant III came to the area, along the shepaug river, left John IV. Discussion of marriage to first Sarah, relation to the Barnum and probable Barnum wheels of Silas.

John Sanford Sturdevant son of John and Sarah(?)

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